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Adequate Phil

Psychedelic Freak-folk from Troy, NY

Adequate Phil is a freak-folk, psychedelic group hailing form the small upstate city of Troy, NY The group is heavily influenced by classic psychedelic acts like Animal Collective, The Beatles, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Radiohead while flirting with hip-hop-esque production like the Gorillaz and Danger Mouse

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L Niño/Mister Rajers' Neighborhood


L Niño is a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from upstate New York. Heavily influenced by indie mainstays such as The Shins, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Animal Collective, and others from the early 00's. His current solo project is Mister Rajers' Neighborhood

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Major Niño

Psych Folk/Hip-Hop Duo

Emerging from the city of Albany in Upstate New York, this American duo blends together classic hip-hop influences with an acid-drenched, pop-punk bite.

Active from 2013-2021

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